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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you again for your interest in the Public Country Club membership program.

Q1. What are the times I’m allowed to play?
A1. The $55(+tx)/monthly dues allow members to play unlimited golf* anytime except during course leagues, course events (eg. a charity events) and between 7:00-11:00am (Tier 1 courses) or 7:00AM-12:00PM (Tier 2 & 3 courses) on Saturdays/ Sundays/Holidays. If a riding cart is taken, the set PCC member cart fee at ALL Tier 1 participating courses is $20 per member for 18 holes or $10 per member for 9 holes which is paid to the course at time of check-in. See below for Tier 2 & Tier 3 surcharge info. The blackout times and cart fees will be printed on the front of your Member card as a reminder. See Q8 for our club limitation on rounds PER COURSE per month members can play. Holidays are Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day & Thanksgiving.

Q2. Do I have to pay in the winter if the courses aren’t open?
A2. Yes. The PCC Membership is all year round.  Like a private country club, the monthly unlimited golf dues are spread out across all 12 months so members may budget for their golf and enjoy a tremendous annual value for unlimited greens fees. We also host weekly winter events and have member perks available all 12 months of the year. The best way to view PCC is as a $660/year membership where you can play at 115+ different courses. This price is HALF of many course memberships so a very affordable way to play more golf at a great variety of courses.

Q3. Can I cancel my membership?
A3. Of course (this isn’t Russia).  Members may discontinue membership at anytime with a 30-day written (email) cancellation notice. Final month of membership is not pro-rated.  For example, if membership is cancelled on the 4th of the month, the final billing (due to the 30-day notice) still takes place on the 1st of the following month for the full membership amount of $59.14. The membership will then expire on the last day of that billing month.  To cancel, CLICK HERE and submit a request via our website form. If Membership is cancelled and member later wishes to re-join, membership re-activation is subject to a 12 month delay before consideration for re-joining and re-joining fees of the initial $75(+tx) joining fee applies. Wait time after the 12 month period is also subject to availability.

Q4. How do I make tee times?
A4. Members make tee times directly with the golf courses (online or via phone) just like a normal public player.  When you login to the Member page on www.ThePublicCC.com, there are links to online tee times and phone numbers for each PCC course.  Please make tee times ONLINE as often as possible as that is easiest on the course.

Q5. Is there a restriction to how many PCC members can play in the same foursome?
A5. No. Every member of a foursome can be a PCC member and members may coordinate with each other (use the member Facebook group page). Just be sure to reserve the tee times and make sure everyone shows up. We do encourage PCC members to bring non-PCC guests as often as possible, though, as that drives PCC courses additional revenue and keeps them happy. Note, though, that groups of more than 3 consecutive tee times (so more than 12 golfers) is considered a “group” and not valid for PCC membership use.

Q6. Are you planning on letting in more members?
A6. Yes.  We regularly add more courses and expand membership slowly to avoid overloading courses. Hop on the Waiting List and when additional member spots open in your area, we will email you an invite with a link to join.

Q7. Are you planning on adding any more courses?
A7. Yes.  View currently participating courses HERE.

Q8. How many times can I play during the month?
A8. *You can play EACH of the participating Tier 1 & Tier 2 PCC courses 12 times per month without any additional fees.  So technically the max would be 1,000+ rounds a month (or 30+ rounds per day) but since there’s not enough daylight for 30 rounds per day, we say it’s unlimited. If more than 12 eighteen hole rounds are played at any ONE Tier 1 or Tier 2 course, members are billed $10 per 9 holes additionally played (eg. if you played twenty 18-hole rounds in a month AT THE SAME COURSE, you’d be billed an extra $160 as 8 full rounds = sixteen 9-hole rounds). Tier 3 courses can only be played 1x/month at the $45/round surcharge rate. If a Tier 3 course is played more than once in a given calendar month, PCC member is billed $95 per additional round to reimburse the course for extra round(s).  Note that PCC is not intended to be a replacement for a course season pass. If you live close to a course and play more than 3 times a week you are better off (it’s cheaper) getting a single course membership directly from the course.

Q9. What happens if I have 2 course complaints reported against me?
A9. When you check in, courses will be able to notify us if a member causes any issues (eg. Rude to course staff, sneaks on a pint of whiskey and drives into a pond, jumps a sandtrap with a riding cart, throws mashed potatoes in the restaurant, etc.). Members will be notified EACH time a complaint is reported.  If 2 complaints are reported, member will be notified and their membership suspended.  Please remember our #1 rule:  Be Nice. If members upset courses, they will drop out of the program and ruin it for everyone and we don’t want that to happen.

Q10. When will I be billed?
A10. When you join, you will be billed the $75(+tax) registration fee at time of signup AND the current months $55(+tax) golfing membership fee so you can golf & enjoy member benefits the same month you join. Thereafter, members are billed the monthly $55(+tax) fee on the 1st of each month (yes, even in the winter months as membership is year round).

Q11. How can we connect and communicate with other PCC members?
A11. We have a Facebook group page open just to PCC members for member-to-member and club communications. Use this to invite other members to play with you and share your joy of the game. You will NEVER be without a golfing buddy again.

Q12. Will we have events for Members and Member-Guests?
A12. Absolutely. We will have weekly organized events and activities all year round…including during the winter at local indoor golf simulators. We have fun ALL YEAR round. Want to see how much fun we have?  CLICK HERE to view the TwinCitiesGolf facebook page.  (Facebook.com/twincitiesgolf)

Q13. What if I play with a non-member?
A13. Non-members need to check in and pay like a normal public golfer would.  Guests do not receive member pricing so please do not expect (or ask) courses for special exceptions for guests. Ideally, invite your family and friends to join PCC with you!

Q14. Can I walk or ride?
A14. For Tier 1 courses, the only time a riding cart is required is SATURDAYS-SUNDAYS-HOLIDAYS for tee times BEFORE 7:00AM.  Why? These are prime times that can normally be filled/ sold at full rack rate for courses and it helps with pace of play. Play AFTER 11AM (for Tier 1 courses) on weekends (or anytime Mon-Fri) do not require a riding cart. Tier 2 & 3 course surcharges include a riding cart.

Q15. If I ride on a cart that is not owned by the course, do I still have to pay the $20 cart fee?
A15. Yes. Courses need to collect revenue from riders (either as trail fee or per round usage) to cover impact to the course from carts (and cart path maintenance).

Q16. Is the $75 just a one-time initial fee or annual recurring?
A16. The $75(+tax) joining fee is a ONE TIME joining fee.  It is NOT billed annually.

Q17. What are the terms for Tier 2 level PCC courses? 
A17. Monday through Friday are the same terms as Tier 1 (play anytime, walk or ride). For Saturday-Sunday-Holidays, Tier 2 PCC course blackout times are 7AM to NOON & a $25/round surcharge applies that includes a riding cart if taken (same $25 surcharge for riding or walking). This $25 surcharge is for 9 or 18 holes.

Q18. What are the terms for the Tier 3 level PCC courses? 
A18. For the highest level local courses, Tier 3 level PCC courses offer members the chance to play 1 round per month for a $45 surcharge which includes the riding cart if taken. Blackout times for Tier 3 courses are Saturdays-Sundays-Holidays between 7AM and NOON. This surcharge is for 9 or 18 holes.

pcc rules.png

Q19.  After I become a member, how soon can I start golfing with my PCC Membership?    (or  “When can I expect my Member ID card to be shipped?”)
A19.  We will mail your PCC Member ID to you in 3 business days after you have emailed us your photo (golf@thepubliccc.com). Remember, you MUST have your ID card in order to play at the PCC courses.  Please do not attempt to play without it as courses have been told of our “No Card. No Play.” policy. The sooner you get us your photo, the sooner we can mail your card to you.

Q20.  Do we have memberships for Juniors?
A20.  No.  At this point we do not have a special discounted membership for Juniors.  If you would like to add on your child to your membership, their PCC membership cost would be the same monthly fee as a regular adult membership ($55+tax/month).

Q21. What does the PCC consider as “on time” to my Tee-time?
Being “on time” means checking in at least 15 minutes prior to your tee time. If you are going to be late, please call the course to ask if you can still be accommodated. Many of the PCC courses are busy, so tee times may be filled behind you. The courses aren't always able to accommodate late arrivals. We know things can come up to cause people to be late, so calling ahead and letting them know is helpful.

Q22. Can I play as a 5-some Group?
A22. No 5-somes are allowed when using PCC. Although some courses may even say it's ok, our PCC policy is no 5-somes when using PCC. Please don't even ask the course if you can play as a 5-some. 5-somes cause other golfers on the course to complain to the proshop and this reflects poorly on PCC.

Q23. What are the Terms and Conditions of the membership?
A23. Click here to read the full Terms and Conditions of the membership.

Additional questions? CLICK HERE for the Contact Us page.


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